“A win-win situation during the CakeSupplies Experience Day”

München – Following the first CakeSupplies Experience Day in October 2017 in Hannover and many requests from customers in the southern parts of Germany, CakeSupplies now organised their second Experience Day in München. Sunday the 11th of March was picked for a full day of sharing knowledge, inspiring and tasting, networking and enjoying a collective passion for cake decorating.

“As a wholesale in cake decorating we strive to be a reliable partner for our customers by offering them professional support in sales and marketing. But considering the fact our business mainly takes place online, the face-to-face contact we have with our customers is often limited. We are therefore always looking for new ways to keep a close relationship with customers so communication lines stay short and customers feel supported and welcome”, explains Michael Fratz, sales manager for CakeSupplies in Germany and Austria. “This is why we introduced the CakeSupplies Experience Day.”

Three countries coming together
The first CakeSupplies Experience Day was held in October 2017 in Hannover and focused on customers coming from the North part of Germany. “Because this turned out to be a big success and we felt customers in the South would also appreciate a day like this, we now organised a second day in the Holiday Inn hotel in München, where we invited customers from the South of Germany as well as Austria and Switzerland. We were very happy to see all three countries were represented during this day, which strengthened us in the idea behind this event.”

Exclusive information
The Experience Day is all about the newest developments in both our company and the field. The aim is to offer customers new information that can help grow their businesses. During a theoretical presentation of the sales manager there was time saved to pay special attention to the new website which was launched last year. “Besides new, helpful features and a fresh design, a new website inherently also comes with questions, criticism and uncertainties from customers. A day like this is the perfect opportunity for us to explain things directly and to collect feedback from the ones that actually use the website the most. We would be crazy not to take that chance”, says Rosalinda Moritz, Online & Trade Marketeer at CakeSupplies.

Fratz continues: “Furthermore we illustrated the newest products from two of our biggest brands FunCakes and Wilton and we could even give them a sneak preview of products that will be introduced in the near future. In the end people take the effort to come and visit us, to show our appreciation we try to reveal things which aren’t out in the open yet. By giving our guests exclusive information and at the same time collecting feedback which is extremely valuable for our own company, we reach a beautiful win-win situation.”

Trends and developments
During two demonstrations a cake decorator explained guests how to use several FunCakes and Wilton products which are relatively new to the assortment. During this practical part of the day people have the chance to learn about all the tips and tricks of products and to ask all kinds of questions to an experienced cake designer. “Apart from the newest products we focus during the demonstrations on trends and developments in the market to give them fresh ideas and inspiration for new creations of their own. In their turn this information also helps customers to better advise the end user.“

Next stop
“Apart from a very well filled goodie bag, we of course end the day with some time saved for a feedback round and a nice chat with customers. We hope reactions on this second day will be as positive as last time. We ourselves go home with lots of new customer’s input to develop our business, and we hope our guests feel the same. Next stop? France!”

Image - Experience Day